de|mon «DEE muhn», noun, adjective.
1. an evil spirit; devil; fiend: »

In his dream the boy was chased by seven green demons. ... haunted by woman wailing for her demon-lover! (Samuel Taylor Coleridge).

2. a) a very wicked or cruel person: »

The hero was a demon in disguise.

b) a person or thing viewed by another as an evil, harmful, or disruptive influence.
3. Figurative. an evil influence: »

The demon of greed ruined the miser's happiness.

4. a person who has great energy or vigor: »

My music teacher is a demon for practicing.

5. an attendant or guiding spirit.
6. Greek Mythology. an inferior or minor god.
= demoniac: (Cf.demoniac) »

the demon Senate Majority lead who could swing almost anything, the big wheeler-dealer (New York Times).

Also daemon.
[< Latin daemonium < Greek daimónion divine (thing), demigod; (in Christian writings) evil spirit < Greek daímōn divinity, spirit]
de´mon|like´, adjective.

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